Events & Dates & Things

–From Cathy Hi all! Just a quick post to wish you well and look in on you after this wild ride of an election. Everyone okay out there? Taking care of yourselves and each other? Good, just checking. So I had a great time reading at George Mason University’s Fall for the Book festival on SeptemberContinue reading “Events & Dates & Things”

Spring Writing Contests

Going through some recent contest announcements and thought we’d share. Here are some writing contests coming up (some very soon), so get those fingers flying, and best of luck! Writing Contest: Flyway Entry fee: $12 Deadline extended until April 27 Sweet Corn: A spring contest for short fiction and poetry, celebrates work that surprises, shocks, moves,Continue reading “Spring Writing Contests”

Writing Conference Takeaways

From Cathy I recently attended a great writing conference in Washington, DC and swore I’d go straight home and compile all the information for Write Despite and post it ASAP. That was in April. But hey, I’ve finally done it. At the Conversations and Connections: Practical Advice on Writing conference, I took pages of notes,Continue reading “Writing Conference Takeaways”

Retro Writing: Hello Pen & Paper

Technology is your friend. Except, of course, when it isn’t. Who among us hasn’t succumbed to the seductive whisper of Facebook or Twitter when we’re supposed to be writing? The Internet is an incalculably valuable resource in all sorts of ways, but it can also be a hugely wasteful time-suck. Author Alex M. Pruteanu ranContinue reading “Retro Writing: Hello Pen & Paper”

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” — George Eliot

Author Betel Arnold learned through experience that dumping the toxic baggage that damages her writing process (competitive frenemies, a nasty inner critic) is just as important as a regular writing routine. Betel’s inspiring and inspiring spiritual self-help book, Buried Beneath the Words, is available now in English and Spanish. Please welcome Betel to Write Despite.Continue reading ““It is never too late to be what you might have been.” — George Eliot”

The Power of Faith, Family and Friends

From Karen: Think you have trouble squeezing writing into your day? Try throwing five kids into the mix. Tamara Grantham does it, and her debut novel, Dreamthief, will be published on September 1, 2015. It’s a fantasy tale, full of elves, fairies and intrigue. Tamara says the loving support of family and friends, and herContinue reading “The Power of Faith, Family and Friends”

Advice For a Monday Morning

–From Karen: Okay, I’m sharing this image just because I love it. Welcome to a new week! I’m sharing this post from one of our favorite blogs, Women’s Fiction Writers, because I think you’ll love it. Women’s Fiction Writers Blogstress Amy Sue Nathan has just published her second novel! Check it out and support aContinue reading “Advice For a Monday Morning”

Author, Author!

From Cathy Last week I had the pleasure of attending two literary events celebrating new books by people I’m proud to call friends. They are both exceptional writers, and I was honored to have been asked to review at least parts of both of their books while they were being written. I’m even mentioned in their acknowledgements,Continue reading “Author, Author!”

Guest Blog: Writing Tips from Author Kirsten Lopresti

Kirsten Lopresti, having just released her fab-tastic debut novel, Bright Coin Moon, offers up some tips for fitting writing into your holiday craziness. Please check out her website, and order a copy of Bright Coin Moon for yourself or any YA readers on your gift list. It’s a smart, funny, moving tale of a teenager caught up in her mother’s fake fortunetelling business,Continue reading “Guest Blog: Writing Tips from Author Kirsten Lopresti”

Networks and Breakthroughs

Nancy Young, author of Seeing Things, has published a variety of work in a range of genres. She was kind nice enough to share her publishing secrets with us. Please welcome Nancy to Write Despite! Learn more about Nancy’s work           Please tell us about your “breakthrough” publication—that first publication thatContinue reading “Networks and Breakthroughs”