Write your novel in 2021 with online course beginning in January

Is 2021 the year you’re finally going to buckle down and crank out that novel? If so, you’re in luck. Novelist and teacher Michelle Richmond has an online course designed to take you from inspiration to first draft, with help and guidance every step of the way. Check out the details and get going! There’sContinue reading “Write your novel in 2021 with online course beginning in January”

Welcome author D.V. Stone

Hello All, Today we have a guest blogger. Please welcome novelist D.V. Stone. Her new novel, Jazz House, will be published in 2021. D.V. has dabbled in many genres and published a slew of books. She’s got good advice including some seasonally appropriate editorial wisdom learned from a holly bush. From D.V.: I’m what is referred to as aContinue reading “Welcome author D.V. Stone”

Karen’s new novel to be published in 2021

I have the most wonderful news. My new novel, Arborview, will be published next year. Yes, you heard right. The contract has been signed. Final edits are underway, and so is the cover design. The Wild Rose Press, a well established and growing publisher, has purchased the rights, and I’m working with a super supportiveContinue reading “Karen’s new novel to be published in 2021”

A good, good sound

Friends, A belated sharing of my recent Collegeville essay. I hope everyone is staying smart and staying safe. As we move towards a holiday season that promises to be like no other, remember: different doesn’t have to be less than. Unexpected blessings may unfold….and soon… –Karen

No friends like old friends (publishing together!)

Hi All, Cathy and I have some great—and most unexpected—news! Next year we’ll have short stories published in the same issue of Gargoyle Magazine. Not only are we thrilled to be appearing in this esteemed literary journal, we are amused and deeply grateful to appear side-by-side in print. We’ve been friends for—gulp—thirty years. We’re formerContinue reading “No friends like old friends (publishing together!)”

How to START writing a novel

Summertime. The days are long and lovely, and the grill is fired up. But what’s that? You say the time has come, at last, to write your novel. You’ve got a story. You want to tell it. You just have one question:  how, in the name of all that’s sane and just, do you begin?Continue reading “How to START writing a novel”

Essay for a new day

I’ve been a journalist and a fiction writer. But essays? Not since school, and that was more, well, academic in nature. I don’t know exactly what possessed me when I learned the Collegeville Institute was looking to build up its stable of freelance essay writers. I love the Collegeville Institute and its mission, and IContinue reading “Essay for a new day”

Take heart and keep writing

I came across the loveliest quote today that I want to share with all my writer friends who are toiling away over manuscripts, many of them in some form of lock-down. Ironies abound there, but we’ll set them aside. This quote comes courtesy of the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing. It’s a comment fromContinue reading “Take heart and keep writing”

In the beginning

The first 10 pages make or break your novel manuscript. Why? Well, as we’ve all been told (and in truth have probably experienced), no one reads beyond them if they’re not great. And that goes double for agents and editors, who are wondering how they’re going to sell the thing. In other words, your openingContinue reading “In the beginning”