This season of reflection…

–from Karen Happy Holidays Friends, It’s tough to write now, especially when you’ve got little kids. School concerts, church pageants, snowy playdates, and the pure joy of encountering the season with them take over. And you know, I think they should. But for those wrestling with works-in-progress, here are a few thoughts. Anyone rewriting–peeling awayContinue reading “This season of reflection…”

Multiple Points of What-Am-I-Doing

Okay, so who told me to write a novel with multiple, third-person points of view? Three, to be exact. I’ve never attempted multiple viewpoints. It’s a whole new narrative world. While I’m enjoying the separate viewpoints, I’m not so sure I’m merging them in a very, um, skillful way. But that’s what revision is for,Continue reading “Multiple Points of What-Am-I-Doing”