Staying in the Scene

Hey Friends, Something I’m keeping in mind as I work on a rewrite that’s taking my novel to a new place. Very exciting!   “Let your scenes play out. Don’t cheat your readers by trying to wrap up every scene too quickly. Events in real life don’t often end neatly; chances are neither will eventsContinue reading “Staying in the Scene”

30 days of writing advice

We love author Amy Sue Nathan at Amy is funny and real and full of good advice. This month, you can take daily advantage of Amy’s insights, as she embarks on: Cathy and I will both be checking in daily with Amy. Join us? At the end, we can share what we found mostContinue reading “30 days of writing advice”

Dog Days of Inspiration…

Writing during these high days of summer can be a tough proposition. Who wants to write when sunny skies, sandy beaches, and watermelon beckon? Luckily for us, our friend Amy Sue Nathan at Women’s Fiction Writers launched the 31 Days of Inspiration series this month. Amy will  be posting a bit of inspiration every day. AsContinue reading “Dog Days of Inspiration…”

Forget Me Not

(From Karen) So, yes, I’m once again sharing a post from Women’s Fiction Writers. We should really pay them a royalty. Like most writers, I struggle to stay organized and keep my lines from getting tangled when I’m working on a long piece of fiction—like my new novel. So many details, so many threads toContinue reading “Forget Me Not”

Advice For a Monday Morning

–From Karen: Okay, I’m sharing this image just because I love it. Welcome to a new week! I’m sharing this post from one of our favorite blogs, Women’s Fiction Writers, because I think you’ll love it. Women’s Fiction Writers Blogstress Amy Sue Nathan has just published her second novel! Check it out and support aContinue reading “Advice For a Monday Morning”