Write your novel in 2021 with online course beginning in January

Is 2021 the year you’re finally going to buckle down and crank out that novel? If so, you’re in luck. Novelist and teacher Michelle Richmond has an online course designed to take you from inspiration to first draft, with help and guidance every step of the way. Check out the details and get going! There’sContinue reading “Write your novel in 2021 with online course beginning in January”

How to START writing a novel

Summertime. The days are long and lovely, and the grill is fired up. But what’s that? You say the time has come, at last, to write your novel. You’ve got a story. You want to tell it. You just have one question:  how, in the name of all that’s sane and just, do you begin?Continue reading “How to START writing a novel”

From Paris with love, kinda

Friends — Novelist Michelle Richmond is living the expat dream in Paris, where she has temporarily relocated with her husband and son. It’s a long way from Northern California to Paris, France, and Michelle is candidly–and humorously–sharing her daily trials and triumphs. You can follow her exploits in a “beautiful but challenging city” on herContinue reading “From Paris with love, kinda”

From Limbo to Publication

From Karen: We’re giving our heartiest congratulations to first-time novelist Magdalena Waz whose novel, Return on Investment, won the Fiction Attic Press Debut Novel Contest this year. Fiction Attic, headed by founder Michelle Richmond, is publishing some of the most interesting new fiction out there today. Magdalena’s smart new novel is a great example. Magdalena’sContinue reading “From Limbo to Publication”

Five Secrets of Highly Successful Writers

If you have five minutes, sit back, close your eyes and listen to some audio advice from novelist Michelle Richmond. Her topic: simple tips on how to become a more effective writer! Need some of those. Thank you. Michelle is the New York Times best-selling author of The Year of Fog, and of Golden State,Continue reading “Five Secrets of Highly Successful Writers”

Fall for the Book Festival

If you find yourself in the metro D.C. area next weekend, please stop by for my reading at the Fall for the Book Festival. It’s a week-long fest hosted by my MFA alma mater, George Mason University. I’m reading at 1:30 on Saturday, Oct. 3, with two fellow alumni. All details on the Festival’s site.Continue reading “Fall for the Book Festival”

Okay, this was fun

Karen’s official book launch was this Saturday–a quiet signing at Breakwater Books in Guilford, Connecticut. And damn it, I just had to be there. I decided not to tell her I was coming, for two reasons: 1) I thought it would be fun to surprise her, and 2) If I had to back out at the lastContinue reading “Okay, this was fun”

It’s Pub Day!

Dear Friends, My novel “Homing Instincts” is officially in the world today! Please check it out and order a copy via one of the many venues carrying the book. http://www.karenguzman.com can point you to a few. I want to thank the entire Write Despite community for your enthusiasm and support. Reach out and let meContinue reading “It’s Pub Day!”

A Goodreads page and everything? Oh my!

Well, my novel is up on Goodreads. You can order it, review it, “add” it, so this must really being happening, after all. And as if that weren’t enough, I also have a couple of readings and book signings scheduled at Connecticut bookshops in mid-November: Breakwater Books — November 15 81 Whitfield Street Guilford, CTContinue reading “A Goodreads page and everything? Oh my!”