Defining success…for yourself

As writers, we all have our own version of the “finish line,” that place or achievement you reach that makes you feel validated in your craft. Getting a byline on an article? Publishing a story or poem? Publishing a book? Finishing a first draft?

One thing you learn pretty quickly is how fluid and subjective these milestone moments are, and how critical it is to undergird your success with principles and good practices if you’re in this business for the long haul.

Cathy and I are grateful for the new opportunities we’ve had this fall to showcase our new work. Cathy had her superb new short story, Henry Whitmore, published by Parhelion Literary Magazine in October. And my new story, Night Drifting, was just accepted by Variant Literature for publication in January 2023.

Readerviews, which offers a menu of services for authors, recently posted a short piece on defining success as an author.

I hope it’s helpful.



Karen’s new novel to be published in 2021

I have the most wonderful news. My new novel, Arborview, will be published next year.

Yes, you heard right. The contract has been signed. Final edits are underway, and so is the cover design. The Wild Rose Press, a well established and growing publisher, has purchased the rights, and I’m working with a super supportive and generous editor.

I’m still pinching myself. It’s a magical way to kick off the holiday season, and some good news to cap off a year that’s been so difficult for all of us.

I don’t have a release date yet, but it will be in 2021, and I’ll keep you all posted. While I’m on that theme, I want to thank the friends and colleagues who’ve helped me bring this book–which has been in the works for six years–to life. They know who they are, and I’ve got a hefty “Acknowledgements” section in the novel.

It goes without saying that Cathy has been on this ride from the beginning, through multiple revisions and moments of hair-tearing doubt. She is irreplaceable, and the best editor I’ll ever have. I’m not going to say I love her, because she already knows it.

Writing a novel is like running a marathon. You dig deep and push with all you have. Now we’re crossing the finish line.

It isn’t every day dreams come true. Thanks for being part of mine.

Here’s hoping the blessings of the holiday season–large and small–bring us all comfort this year.