Takeaways from a Writer’s Conference

—From Cathy I attended the one-day Conversations & Connections writer’s conference again this year, hosted by Barrelhouse Magazine, and wrote up all the best advice and lessons learned—just for you guys. Enjoy! First Panel: “What you Show: How to Choose What and When” Speaker: Fiction Writer Stephanie King Characterization is what you show in aContinue reading “Takeaways from a Writer’s Conference”

The care and feeding of secondary characters

Where would Gatsby without Daisy? Or Scarlett without Melanie? How could Harry have managed without Ron and Hermione? What if Hamlet had taken Polonius’ good advice? Secondary characters.  There’s no story without them, but I think too many of us don’t give them the limelight they deserve. I’m thinking a lot about my supporting castContinue reading “The care and feeding of secondary characters”

30 days of writing advice

We love author Amy Sue Nathan at womensfictionwriters.com Amy is funny and real and full of good advice. This month, you can take daily advantage of Amy’s insights, as she embarks on: Cathy and I will both be checking in daily with Amy. Join us? At the end, we can share what we found mostContinue reading “30 days of writing advice”

The ‘Wild Ride’ of Writer Hannah Grieco

—From Cathy Hannah Grieco is an education and disability advocate and writer in Arlington, Virginia. Her essays and short stories have been published in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Motherwell, First for Women, Hobart, Lunch Ticket, Barren Magazine, Arlington Magazine, and others. She is the founder and director for ‘Readings on the Pike,’ a seriesContinue reading “The ‘Wild Ride’ of Writer Hannah Grieco”

New Market for New Writers!

I hope everyone is writing well as we head into the home stretch of winter. The green grass of Spring is on the horizon. If you’ve got short work you’re looking to send out, here’s an opportunity. We’re going to start giving a shout-out to magazines and online publishing venues that truly welcome emerging–as wellContinue reading “New Market for New Writers!”

Getting Close to Your Characters

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic workshop at the Writers in Progress studio in beautiful Florence, Massachusetts. Led by author Jacqueline Sheehan, the workshop was called “Getting Close to Your Characters.” Anyone who’s struggled with bringing characters and their motivations (real and hidden) to life knows what we’re talking about. It ain’tContinue reading “Getting Close to Your Characters”

Grateful for Guidance

Thanksgiving approaches. Like most of you, we’re looking back on what we’re grateful for this year. Too many things to list, of course, but here are some of the best writerly tips we’ve collected in 2018. —From Cathy: At a discussion at George Mason University’s Fall for the Book event this year, I was ableContinue reading “Grateful for Guidance”