The long and winding road to publication… at last

From Karen: Publishing a book is a little like following that famed “Yellow Brick Road.” Look out for witches and flying monkeys. Both seem to abound in this business. But just like Dorothy, determined writers push on. Diane Bonavist is one. Diane’s new novel Purged By Fire came into print after years of near misses and disappointing rejection–making DianeContinue reading “The long and winding road to publication… at last”

Events & Dates & Things

–From Cathy Hi all! Just a quick post to wish you well and look in on you after this wild ride of an election. Everyone okay out there? Taking care of yourselves and each other? Good, just checking. So I had a great time reading at George Mason University’s Fall for the Book festival on SeptemberContinue reading “Events & Dates & Things”

Summer Reading

Summertime and the reading is good this year. We’ve selected our seasonal picks, and will surely be spotted toting them on vacation and to neighborhood parks. Here’s what we’ve chosen:  From Karen: My extremely well read sister has shamed me into reading Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past. Okay, there are a few holes in myContinue reading “Summer Reading”

Spring Writing Contests

Going through some recent contest announcements and thought we’d share. Here are some writing contests coming up (some very soon), so get those fingers flying, and best of luck! Writing Contest: Flyway Entry fee: $12 Deadline extended until April 27 Sweet Corn: A spring contest for short fiction and poetry, celebrates work that surprises, shocks, moves,Continue reading “Spring Writing Contests”

Q & A with Author P.J. Devlin

–From Cathy P. J. Devlin tells stories about relationships. Whether writing of a witch, a dwarf, an elderly woman, teenagers, or indentured servants, her characters exist in the Philadelphia of her birth and share her love of the Wissahickon Creek. She is currently working on her third book with Possibilities Publishing Company. Wissahickon Souls is Devlin’s historical novel set in theContinue reading “Q & A with Author P.J. Devlin”

Commercial? Upmarket? Literary?

Of course we all know the differences, right? Maybe. Way, deep down. But in case you’re curious to see them explained succinctly, in colorful little infographics with real-world examples no less, take a glance at these little gems. Originally posted by Women Fiction Writers, who credit agent Carly Watters for their creation. God love them.

Fall for the Book Festival

If you find yourself in the metro D.C. area next weekend, please stop by for my reading at the Fall for the Book Festival. It’s a week-long fest hosted by my MFA alma mater, George Mason University. I’m reading at 1:30 on Saturday, Oct. 3, with two fellow alumni. All details on the Festival’s site.Continue reading “Fall for the Book Festival”

Multiple Points of What-Am-I-Doing

Okay, so who told me to write a novel with multiple, third-person points of view? Three, to be exact. I’ve never attempted multiple viewpoints. It’s a whole new narrative world. While I’m enjoying the separate viewpoints, I’m not so sure I’m merging them in a very, um, skillful way. But that’s what revision is for,Continue reading “Multiple Points of What-Am-I-Doing”

Advice For a Monday Morning

–From Karen: Okay, I’m sharing this image just because I love it. Welcome to a new week! I’m sharing this post from one of our favorite blogs, Women’s Fiction Writers, because I think you’ll love it. Women’s Fiction Writers Blogstress Amy Sue Nathan has just published her second novel! Check it out and support aContinue reading “Advice For a Monday Morning”