Networks and Breakthroughs

Nancy Young, author of Seeing Things, has published a variety of work in a range of genres. She was kind nice enough to share her publishing secrets with us. Please welcome Nancy to Write Despite! Learn more about Nancy’s work           Please tell us about your “breakthrough” publication—that first publication thatContinue reading “Networks and Breakthroughs”

Author Mark Lowery: A Novel is a Leap of Faith

Novelist Mark Lowery, a man of talent and faith, shares his journey to publication with us today. Mark’s debut novel, He Promisd Nvr 2 Leav Me, was published by Lion’s Roar Press, a new Ohio-based independent press. Please check it out and pick up copy. Born in the Bronx, New York, Mark is an award-winningContinue reading “Author Mark Lowery: A Novel is a Leap of Faith”

Social Skills

Social media is all-pervasive. It’s all about the platform these days, and most agents and publishers will expect you to have one. But sailing the social media seas isn’t always a smooth ride. For starters, there are just so many options. Which ones matter? And what’s the etiquette? My good friend Bridgette Lacy, an ever-savvyContinue reading “Social Skills”