The Next Big Thing

From Cathy Well, it’s been quite a month. So again, please bear with me while I gloat—just a wee bit. In addition to the short story in American Fiction Volume 14, I recently found out that…drumroll please… My book is getting published! A Hundred Weddings will be released in early 2016 through Marching Ink, an independentContinue reading “The Next Big Thing”

Shameless Publication Plug!

From Cathy Hi everyone! A quick note to announce that American Fiction Volume 14—edited by Bruce Pratt and Pulitzer Freakin’ Prize winner Elizabeth Strout—was released today. I’m thrilled a story of mine, which took second prize in their contest, is included. The publisher, New Rivers Press, describes it this way: “Twenty-one new authors evoke theContinue reading “Shameless Publication Plug!”

Stubborn Streak

There is something to be said for that stubborn streak your parents always complained about. “Muleheaded” was, as I recall, my parents’ fave term. That trait has gotten me into more than a few fights and through plenty of standoffs with my kids, and into a fair amount of trouble. It’s also gotten me publishedContinue reading “Stubborn Streak”