Creeping Outside Your Comfort Zone

From Cathy:

I used to read a lot of Stephen King when I was a kid, so I understand the appeal of a good scary story. For me, it’s all about the buildup of suspense—the increasingly menacing ghost encounters in the Overlook Hotel, the bullying by peers and the crazed mother that sends Carrie over the edge, the tragic burden of foresight that plagues Johnny in The Dead Zone.

But I’ve never even thought about writing a scary story until I was prompted to during a flash fiction workshop. I’m happy to say that story, “You’re a Crayon this Year,” was just published as part of Necessary Fiction’s Spooky October series!

I think sometimes it’s important, and really super fun, to write outside of your comfort zone. What is your normal type of writing, and do you ever try something outside of it? I hope you’re creating great stuff, and taking risks that appeal to you, and crafting amazing pieces. And I hope I get to read some. Please hit us up here if you’ve published anything recently. We’d love to promote your work!

Oh, and NaNoWriMo began on Monday! Anyone participating this year?

Write well everyone!


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