Write your novel in 2021 with online course beginning in January

Is 2021 the year you’re finally going to buckle down and crank out that novel? If so, you’re in luck. Novelist and teacher Michelle Richmond has an online course designed to take you from inspiration to first draft, with help and guidance every step of the way. Check out the details and get going! There’sContinue reading “Write your novel in 2021 with online course beginning in January”

Welcome author D.V. Stone

Hello All, Today we have a guest blogger. Please welcome novelist D.V. Stone. Her new novel, Jazz House, will be published in 2021. D.V. has dabbled in many genres and published a slew of books. She’s got good advice including some seasonally appropriate editorial wisdom learned from a holly bush. From D.V.: I’m what is referred to as aContinue reading “Welcome author D.V. Stone”