The 11th-Hour Gift Guide

hollyOkay, this is really late to post. But if you’re wondering what little trinkets to give the writer types in your life, you gotta check these out. Or bookmark for next year!

That waterproof shower pad is fab.

Also, and this is completely awesome, check out:

You can wear—WEAR—The Great Gatsby. The entire book—on a t-shirt. I love, love, love this thing. (But honestly, I don’t think the ENTIRE book is on there, do you???) Be forewarned: They run about a size smaller than normal and there is no stretch in the fabric. They also have posters. Yeah, baby.

So if you’re hard up for a last-minute gift, fork over the express shipping and snag one of these things. Or tell your SO you need one for yourself. Or a subscription to Writer’s Market, or your fave lit mag. Or a promise to take the kids for a whole weekend so you can have a stay-home writer retreat. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Have a great holiday, everyone!


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