When Time is Not on Your Side

There are days when the world simply conspires against this writing habit, when I get zero keyboard time alone at my desk. That’s when a pen and some paper (or a laptop) and some really efficient time management come into play. If I can’t set time aside for writing, I can usually steal it in small increments throughout the day. Now, I’m not fussy about location. Years in the news business trained me to write anywhere, with almost anything going on in the background. Here are some hidden writing opportunities I’ve exploited:

  • When the baby or toddler is napping. A no-brainer
  • Lunch hour at work
  • The weekly grocery store run, whip out the pad and pen for 15-20 minutes in the car, alone, before heading into the store.
  • Traveling — trains and planes work, as do their respective waiting terminals. Buses could, too, if you’re not prone to motion sickness when reading
  • Waiting rooms — doctors, dentists, auto mechanics all offer valuable “down time” that can be put to good use

And then there’s always this to remember, and to take some consolation in: Time spent thinking about your project, mulling over the plot points that just aren’t jelling or the minor character who isn’t living up to his potential, is time spent on your writing. No sincere effort is ever wasted.

What little tips and tricks help you squeeze writing into the day? Share and inspire, or at least make us laugh.

— Karen


4 thoughts on “When Time is Not on Your Side”

  1. I wish they would let me write in the barber shop. I took my son there and got lost in a chapter while he was waiting for his turn (he was playing a game with my cell phone). It took three barbers to snap us out of our trances. I think all the buzzing helped.

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