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Books good enough to eat

I was lucky enough to spend April 2 at the Bill Library in Ledyard, Connecticut, taking part in the annual Artists & Writers Showcase. It was an afternoon of good friends, good talk, and good food, thanks to the creative “Edible Books” display, which featured mementos from popular books depicted in–you guessed it–edible form.

A group of about 20 area artists and authors (thanks for the invite Andrea Burke) displayed creative work, networked, and mingled with readers and art lovers.

Okay, as the sign-up sheet attests, there were a lot more artists than writers, but that just made me stand out.


And, hey, I had a blast meeting readers.

all ready

Buy my book, please!


I found that my novel (several copies) already lives at this library, and has been checked out multiple times! Evidence?

local books

….fifth from the left


None of my fellow participants have read the novel, but I’m still nudging them.


Now back to the edible books. Children’s titles were the most popular edible targets. Check it out:

The Man in the Yellow Hat’s Yellow Hat (Curious George) was delicious. Kudos to the baker.

At day’s end local photographer Barry Watrous (yes, a professional, as you’ll see) photographed us all for the  library. I’m already looking forward to returning next year.

Write Well, Friends


Ledyard festival1









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2 thoughts on “Books good enough to eat

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Nice post. Love this blog. Keep it up.

  2. Elizabeth on said:

    It was great finally meeting you, Karen. Good luck with the new book!

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