Year of Books and Blessings

Another year ends, and we’re feeling the need to look back with appreciation before we head into the next one.

what are you grateful forFrom Karen:

Well my novel Homing Instincts has been out in the world (or the marketplace, I should say) for one year, and what a whirlwind it has been!

Christmas is a very big deal in our house, and during this season I always like to step back and think about the many, many blessings in my life.

My first year as a published novelist was full of unexpectedly wonderful support from readers and friends alike.

Here are few of the people and things who helped make this experience possible and so memorable:

  • Michelle Richmond and Fiction Attic Press, for bringing the book into the world and for cheerful support and help every step of the way
  • Cathy Cruise. Okay, enough said on this one. You all know Cathy edited this thing so much, she ought to be a co-author. Love you, Cath.
  • Colleen Kearney Rich for that last, all-important new set of eyes, and Jacqueline Sheehan for leading the Northampton fiction workshop where the missing piece of the puzzle finally fell into place.
  • Roxanne Steed. Artist and friend. Having Roxanne’s lovely painting grace the cover of the book was the best decision I’ve made in a long time, and she’s been a terrific promotion partner.
  • Readers, readers, readers. I can never thank you all enough. So many readers have been so kind and appreciative. There is no greater success as a writer than knowing that your work has touched someone, has made them think and feel. Thanks for letting me know how much Homing Instincts meant to you.
  • My siblings and my mother-in-law for abundant cheerleading and praise. You guys are the best
  • Our Write Despite readers, for continuing to follow and contribute to our blog — even though I suspect we may be a wee bit tedious at times
  • My husband and son, the real jackpot. XOXO
  • The good Lord above, because I believe He sometimes has a hand in these things …

Happy Holidays!

From Cathy:

Well 2016 here we come. But first, the Airing of the Grievances.hear about it

Kidding. Been watching too many Seinfeld reruns while wrapping gifts.

First, the Airing of the Gratefulness. This year has made me thankful for:

  • Perseverance. Because agents don’t come looking for you. Instead, they wait for you to submit to many, many of them before they kindly but decidedly turn you down. Which leads to:
  • Indie publishers. Because sometimes they actually like your book and will take a chance on it. Like the awesome Samantha March of Marching Ink. Because publication. Finally!
  • And, like Karen said, an army of early readers and supporters:
    • Karen Guzman. Yes, I’m returning the love. She read it twice and that’s more than anyone should have to. Thank you, Karen, for your sharp eye, spot-on advice, and constant yammering that I could do better.
    • Kirsten Lopresti—same thing. Two reads and boatloads of advice and encouragement. Many, many thanks.
    • Tess Allen, Jill Williams, Adrienne Arrage, Colleen Kearney Rich, Ruth Boggs, Pat Devlin, and probably several others I’m forgetting, who read and gave feedback. Thank you all so much.
    • My husband (another beta reader!), son, daughter, and niece who ate more takeout and amused themselves on evenings and weekends much more than they should have (and still are, while I’m in the final editing stage). Love you all too much.
    • Our Write Despite followers! Just knowing you’re out there is motivation to keep going. Thank you for your interest, and best to all of you.
  • Finally, I’m grateful for friends who all published books this year. Could not be happier for:

You all keep me on my toes and make me jealous and proud and inspired, not always in that order.

So it’s with love and exhaustion and eagerness for the new year that I’ll end this. Wishing all of you a year full of great reads, inspired writings, and pals and printings and publications.

Happy Festivus! May your pole remain bare and your Feats of Strength miraculous.







4 thoughts on “Year of Books and Blessings”

  1. I just noticed you left me this very nice thank you here. You are so very welcome! And you have helped me enormously as well. I can’t wait to see your wonderful book in print in 2016!

  2. What a cool wrap-up of 2015. It was a pleasure meeting Karen at GMU this year, and I’m thrilled that Cathy’s hard work is finally being rewarded and her novel will be published in 2016. Can’t wait to celebrate you! To all of my writing friends: May 2016 bless us with lots of time to write and few distractions, and plenty of inspiration and perseverance. We are in the company of greatness 🙂

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