Mistakes We Make

The always informative Women’s Fiction Writers blog recently posted a piece in which author Carolyn Turgeon shared her own novel-writing mistakes. If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend that you take a look. Turgeon describes some of the attitudes (rational or not) and practices that trip us all up….sometimes repeatedly. Ahem. Read, learn, andContinue reading “Mistakes We Make”

Author Angela Belcher Epps: Telling Your Truth

Author Angela Belcher Epps explores what happens when a mother walks out on her children in her compelling novella, Salt in the Sugar Bowl. (Main Street Rag, $10) Epps, an English teacher at an alternative high school, explores the complexities of life— including love, family relationships, loss and abandonment in her work. See her websiteContinue reading “Author Angela Belcher Epps: Telling Your Truth”

Welcome Journalist Jane E. Dee

Please welcome Connecticut-based journalist Jane E. Dee to Write Despite. Non-fiction, done well, has a special power all its own, which Jane’s writing attests to. Read her latest essay, a touching account of her beloved father’s decline. More from Jane: In college I considered myself a “creative writer.” Being a reporter didn’t appeal to me.Continue reading “Welcome Journalist Jane E. Dee”