Fried Brain, Over Easy

It goes without saying that notable—especially if they’re traumatic—events derail a writing routine. Real life drama always trumps the stuff I’m making up, and the tapped-out, fried-brain feeling I’m left with just isn’t conducive to submerging myself in the fictional dream. I’ve usually given myself a get-out-of-writing-free pass at these times.

There are, however, more minor brain fryers that tend to distract me maybe too much. In retrospect, they’re easy to put in perspective. But sometimes we live in the moment. Here, in no particular order then, are some of the idiosyncratic things that can throw me off track…just temporarily. What are yours? The weird and the commonplace are equally welcome. We’re a judgment free zone here at Write Despite.

A really lousy day at work

Maybe I dropped the ball. Maybe no one will pass me the ball. Maybe the office jerk ratio has grown too skewed. Whichever, this kind of stuff can get to me…if the circumstances and my frame of mind are conducive.

Dental work

Tinkering with teeth provides discomfort and, for me, a little reminder of my own mortality all in one package deal! Fun.

Worrying about my kid (when I don’t need to)

Nothing trumps the kid. Let’s just put it right out there. Never is a minor issue blown further out of proportion than when it relates to the kiddo.

Total brain overload

After focusing very intently for an extended period on whatever task or issue is before me, my brain is now toast. Intellectual engagement of any sort is finished for the day. As a colleague recently put it, I’ve maxed out my “cognitive bandwidth.” It’s time for a nice Lifetime television fix.



2 thoughts on “Fried Brain, Over Easy”

  1. I live on an island and like to keep my writing private so going “off island” means a day off from working on my current project. However, I do (usually) manage to do a little scribbling on the ferry.
    Rather than look at this time as negative, I think of days off from writing as allowing my mind to catch-up with my pen.
    Writing is fun. I keep it that way by looking at it as a treat rather than a chore. What sweet treat will you write today?

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