Not So Lost?

So today I got my best gift ever—an extra day off from work! And of course I used it to write like my hair was on fire and completed 25 full pages of my new book. And I already have an agent. And…uh…it’s soon to be published…by Knopf.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

In reality, I wrote for 45 minutes and completed two whole pages. But I did feel excitement instead of the dread I was feeling yesterday when I had this awful sensation that this book is garbage but this writing challenge we’ve created here is now going to force me to stick it out anyway. I calmed myself by watching an episode of Lost (this is how behind my husband and I are in our TV viewing) and then reminding myself that this challenge is about the work itself, not so much the final project. And while next January 1, 2014 I’d love to say, “Look how much of this book I wrote!” I may only get to say, “Hey, look at this half a book I wrote and then these two short stories I wrote, and this essay I finally finished and…”

You get the idea. We stick with what works, and if it doesn’t work, no harm no foul. Just keep plugging away, people! We’ll get something out of it.

By the way, I found the iPod around midnight last night. It was balanced precariously on top of my exercise ball in the basement.

I have no idea.



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