A stomach bug that left me feeling wrung out and listless (Happy New Year!) did NOT prevent me from rising to Day One of the Write Despite Challenge. I put in forty minutes on the brand new novel, the one I’m just starting. You know how the beginning is—the characters emerging, their faces and voices coming to you through the mist, the urgent longings of their hearts knocking on yours. Right now, it’s more like listening than writing. It helps that my son drifted off to nap land, just as I was preparing to write.
Back to work tomorrow, to my “real” job, the one I get paid for. All the realities of life are gathering around after the floating ease of the holidays. Twelve days off. I’m not complaining. And going back to work this year feels kind of right, kind of good even. It’s time to get back to business across the board. So keep writing.


3 thoughts on “Beginnings”

  1. Thanks, Carla! And congratulations to you on your launch yesterday. We hope you make great progress on your children’s book–and anything else you choose to work on–this year! If you’d like, we’d love to know what writing prompt you used.

  2. I hope you’re feeling better soon! Congratulations on not letting it – or teepees, or iPods, or anything else life threw at you – prevent you from starting off right.

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